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Maldives takes a virtual approach to restart tourism

Issuing time:2020-07-08 16:46

The Maldives recently held a live broadcast on social media entitled "Maldives: The Sun Will Shine Again", using a virtual method to restart the tourism industry that was hit hard by the new crown epidemic. According to local media reportsthe live broadcast event was organized by the Maldives Ministry of Tourism and the Maldives Market and Public Relations Company, which lasted for four hours and attracted approximately 85,000 audiences worldwide.

  At the event site, Maldives Tourism Minister Wahid made a speech, welcoming tourists from all over the world to return to Maldives.

  Wahid said that the Maldives suffered from the new crown epidemic. The outbreak caused the Malaysian tourism industry to halt, and tourism accounted for a high proportion of the Malaysian economy. As the epidemic situation improves, the Maldives has begun to restart the tourism industry, hoping to regain passenger flow from July.

  In the on-site survey organized by the event party, 49% of the viewers said they had planned to travel to the Maldives, and 95% of the viewers believed that the Maldives was the safest tourist destination.

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