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Beijing's parks and parks are fully restored

Issuing time:2020-07-08 16:47

The Beijing Park Management Center was released on the 9th. From the 9th, 11 parks in Beijing and Chinese garden museums have been fully restored. More than 30 exhibitions in 4 categories including cultural relics history, garden culture, red culture, and plant ornamentation in the scenic area of the municipal park are open to the public.

On the same day, the Summer Palace Wenchangyuan, Deheyuan, Nanhu Island, Tiantan Park Kagura Department, Zhai Palace, Beihai Park Xiaoxitian, Jingxinzhai, Jingshan Park Huguo Zhongyi Temple, Beijing Botanical Garden Exhibition Greenhouse, Cao Xueqin Memorial Hall and other municipal parks and The exhibition room was reopened. In addition to the scenic spots and courtyards that have been opened before, the places for visiting and visiting Beijing-owned parks have been fully restored.

Now, visitors can visit more than 30 exhibitions in Beijing-owned parks, including the Cultural Relics Exhibition of Wenchangyuan in the Summer Palace, the stone carvings and cultural relics exhibition in Beihai Park, the historical and cultural exhibition of the Shouhuang Temple in Jingshan Park, the historical and cultural exhibition of the Temple of Prayer for the Temple of Heaven, Zhongshan Indoor flower exhibition in the park, tropical plant exhibition in the Beijing Botanical Garden, and exhibition of the old site of the Revolutionary Memorial Site of Xiangshan Park, etc.

Pan Xianghua, deputy director of the Service Management Department of the Beijing Park Management Center, introduced that since the Beijing public health emergency response level was adjusted to level 3, all parks in Beijing have increased the number of visitors to the park, and the current limit ratio is adjusted from 30% To 50%, further adjust and optimize the amount of reserved tickets to guide visitors to visit peak-sharing and time-sharing peaks. Last weekend, the number of visitors to municipal parks increased slightly, with a total of 380,000 visitors, but still less than 50% of the same period in previous years.

  The reporter learned from the Summer Palace that with the opening of the tourist area in the park, the number of daily reservations for the Summer Palace can be increased to 17,000. In order to ensure the safety of the tour, the tourist attractions such as Paiyun Temple and Foxiang Pavilion in the Summer Palace continue to implement the traffic limit management. Visitors can purchase tickets by real-name through time-code scanning. Up to now, there are 9 on-site manual service windows and consultation points in each area of the Summer Palace and the main tourist attractions in the park to guide tourists in a timely manner and reduce the accumulation of regional area.

  Pan Xianghua said that currently parks are strengthening visit management and publicity and guidance, continue to do a good job of cleaning and disinfecting indoor spaces and opening windows to ventilate, guide tourists to maintain a visit distance of more than 1 meter, and ensure the safety of tourists.

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