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Beijing Risun
International Cultural Exchange Co., Ltd.


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) About us     Beijing Risun International Cultural Exchange Co., Ltd. was established in 2010 (hereinafter referred to as Ruiyang Hongwen International). It is a joint-stock company led by linda. Claire, a senior foreign teacher who has been engaged in the international oral cultural exchange industry for many years. After years of hard work, Ruiyang Hongwen International has become a comprehensive company integrating international foreign teacher recruitment, training, management, dispatch, and cultural exchange auxiliary teaching materials development. Over the past ten years, he has served hundreds of schools across the country, and has gained a good reputation in the same industry. After years of recruitment experience, he has summarized a set of professional and effective recruitment methods and methods for foreign teachers, which has effectively solved the problem of recruitment difficulties.    Our company is based in Beijing and serves all parts of the country, and strives to promote oral English. It is our responsibility to eliminate the embarrassment of Chinese-style dumb English and enhance the ability of Chinese people's English listening and English communication. Our company has now established a number of cooperation with well-known foreign educational institutions, and has greatly improved the oral teaching level of employers through cooperation with domestic institutions. ()Our business    is mainly engaged in foreign teacher dispatch, foreign teacher intermediary, foreigner certificate processing and foreigner academic certification services. At the same time, our company is open to handle TESOL certificate services to various countries around the world.  Our foreign teachers come from countries:    Mother tongue countries: United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa,    European countries: Excellent oral teachers in European countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Sweden, Hungary, Czech Republic, and Serbia.   African countries: people who speak well in Kenya, Cameroon, Egypt, and other countries () Our Service Objects    1. Public elementary and middle schools    2. International schools and noble schools.    3. Kindergarten   4. Training institutions       5. Enterprises and institutions that need foreign professionals      6. Individuals or families who need to learn spoken English () our philosophy   All for the development of the popularization of spoken English, and the popularization of spoken English learning as the guide! Let the world have no expensive foreign teachers' spoken language! .()Our culture    Integrity service, professional recruitment, dedicated service to everyone! () our goal    Introduce high-quality foreign teacher resources, so that every child in the country can learn authentic spoken English!
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